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About Us

Place for Life Church is a community of loving believers focused on Family, Faith and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our purpose is to pursue and discover the call and cause of Christ.

Meet The pastor


I am so thankful and blessed to Pastor such an authentic, loving family of believers. We pray that your experience with us is a joyful one and that if you aren’t already, that you’d become part of this great body of believers!

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Our Story

Our purpose is to Experience Life, Growth & The Power of God Together



Our desire is to be a connection, an extension, and an example of Jesus Christ to any and everyone.  We want to help people experience the power and attributes of God the Father, His son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.



Our agenda is to see the individual, the family, and the body grow and develop into the fullness of God’s intention: walking in authority and the authenticity of purpose.



We want to carry God’s presence, in such a fashion that, throughout every aspect of life, He is felt and experienced, not only in our gatherings, but also through everyday living – in our personal life and the lives we touch.



As the people of God, we strive for more than a gathering.
We are family.
We are the body.

We are PLACEforLIFE.
We all share in the experience of worship, ministry, and life together.

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